Suzano’s herbicide-tolerant eucalyptus is approved by Brazilian Biosafety Commission

São Paulo, November 12, 2021 – The Brazilian National Biosafety Technical Commission (CTNBio) has today approved Suzano’s new herbicide tolerant (HT) genetically modified (GM) eucalyptus for commercial use.

The new technology was developed by FuturaGene, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suzano, and a leader in research and development of plant genetics for increasing productivity and resilience in the global renewable forestry sector.

The technology was evaluated and approved by CTNBio after extensive, multi-year testing and risk assessment, as well as molecular characterization to ensure that the modified plants posed no risks to human and animal health or the environment. The decision by CTNBio reinforces the Company’s commitment to excellence in research and the highest safety and ethical standards.

The new technology imbues tolerance to the herbicide glyphosate, which has been widely used in the forestry sector for over 30 years in the early stages of plantation establishment.

The technology will enable more efficient use of the product, including better overall usage of herbicides, reducing input costs, and reducing damage to young saplings through herbicide drift; as well as creating better conditions for field workers and fewer tractor interventions, thus reducing carbon footprint.

Damage reduction to young trees is expected to enhance yield which will increase productivity in the field at a time when the world demand for renewable products, such as wood, is growing significantly.

“The development of this technology is part of Suzano’s strategy to combine innovation and sustainability to create better processes and products, using less land and agrochemicals, ultimately preserving and protecting more of our natural forests and resources and delivering on our purpose to renew life inspired by trees”, said Walter Schalka, Suzano CEO.

FuturaGene’s HT eucalyptus has been under development for more than eight years and has undergone extensive biosafety assessment. Following the CTNBio approval, the modified, herbicide tolerant eucalyptus will now be merged into Suzano’s conventional breeding programs, to extend the field testing over different geographies as with conventional varieties to ensure its suitability for ultimate commercial deployment.

All activities with this newly approved variety will be conducted using the highest safety and ethical governance guidelines, as set out in Suzano’s GM tree policy, and based on Suzano’s forest management practices.

Suzano is also committed to sharing the benefits and value of this new technology with partners via its outgrowers’ program, including small landowners. After larger scale-testing, partners will have royalty-free access to the technology under terms of current contracts, as they do with conventional clones.

About Suzano

Suzano is a global reference in the development of sustainable and innovative solutions, from renewable sources, and its purpose is to renew life from the tree. The largest eucalyptus pulp manufacturer in the world and one of the largest paper producers in Latin America, it serves more than 2 billion people from 11 factories operating in Brazil, in addition to the joint operation Veracel.

With 97 years of history and an installed capacity of 10.9 million tons of market pulp and 1.4 million tons of paper per year, it exports to over 100 countries. Its operations are based on Innovability – Innovation at the service of Sustainability – and on the highest levels of social and environmental practices and Corporate Governance, with shares traded on the Brazilian and United States stock exchanges. For more information, visit:

About FuturaGene

FuturaGene is a leader in plant genetic research and development for increasing productivity and resilience in the global renewable forestry sector. With facilities in Brazil and Israel, the company develops sustainable, ecologically sound technology to meet the ever-increasing demands for fiber, alternatives to fossil fuel-based products such as plastics and energy crops in the face of declining land and water resources and climate change.

In April 2015, FuturaGene became the first company in the world to obtain regulatory approval to commercially deploy a yield enhanced genetically modified eucalyptus variety.

Since July 2010, FuturaGene has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Suzano S.A., the world’s leading eucalyptus pulp producer and one of Latin America’s largest paper producers. For more information, visit

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