FuturaGene sources technology through in-house discovery programs and a global network of collaborations with academic and corporate groups.


Our discovery program focuses on yield and processability enhancement, yield protection (biotic and abiotic stress) and enabling technologies.

Our discovery capability is built around state-of-the-art tools, such as bioinformatics and genomics, constant input from forest breeders and operational personnel and expert knowledge of the physiology of our key crops and the flora and fauna that interact with these crops in the environment. Our interaction with breeding and operations also provides us with an ongoing source of germplasm with unique attributes and agronomic properties, which serves to form a broad genetic base for our product development.


Working closely with academia and industry
In order to complement our in-house capabilities, gained through 20 years’ experience in forest biotechnology, we collaborate or hold licensing agreements with leading universities and research institutions, as well as corporate partners. Whilst we are willing to evaluate early stage technologies, we favor in-licensing after initial trait feasibility has been completed in other crops. To discuss in-licensing opportunities with us, get in touch here.