We develop biotechnology solutions to meet the growing demand for sustainable raw-materials for large volume, critical commodities.


Pulp and paper
Our initial focus has been on the development of high-performing eucalyptus germplasm for the plantation forest industry, for pulp and paper production. Whilst we have worked principally with Suzano, our parent company, we have also cooperated with leading forestry companies in other geographies. Our first product, a yield-enhanced GM eucalyptus, received commercial approval in Brazil in April 2015 and has subsequently been in expanded experimentation in different geographies. Our technologies are suitable for a large range of plantation forest species such as eucalyptus, poplar, willow, and other hardwood species. Whilst pulp and paper was the first sector we addressed, our technologies, which boost wood yield, are also suitable for producing raw material for second generation biofuel and biomaterial production.


It is a global imperative to uncouple economic development from fossil fuel-based emissions. Renewable biofuel can be an important component in achieving this end.

Our technology can be applied to create biofuel feedstocks with increased biomass and shorter crop cycles. We are also working on imparting yield protection traits (abiotic stress) that would allow feedstock to be grown in marginal lands, currently not employed for food or feed crops.

The technology is suitable for a large range of cellulosic biomass crops such as short-rotation eucalyptus, hybrid poplar, willow, sugarcane and other bioenergy crops.


Lignocellulose derived from renewable plantations can be an important raw material for the derivation of products, such as plastics, adhesives, etc., normally produced from fossil-based chemical sources. Multiple high value derivatives can also be produced from ligno-cellulose. This product base must be sustained by low cost, highly productive, renewable and resilient wood supply. Our technologies are designed to enhance the best available germplasm to provide such supply.