An award winning company

FuturaGene’s innovative yield enhancement platform has been widely recognised by the plantation forestry industry. Our strong commitment to the creation of technologies for sustainable plantations and practices has led to the Company winning prestigious accolades:


Brazilian Pulp and Paper Technical Association (ABTCP) Award for Innovation 2015

In 2015, FuturaGene won the ABTCP Award for Innovation, for Research and Development and Technology, for its  yield-enhanced genetically modified eucalyptus. This variety produces significant gains in wood production when compared to conventional eucalyptus and was approved for commercial use by the Brazilian National Technical Commission on Biosafety (CTNBio) in April 2015.


The Brazilian National Confederation of Industries (CNI) Case of Innovation 2015

FuturaGene’s yield-enhanced genetically modified eucalyptus was elected as one of the 22 Brazilian Cases of Innovation in 2015 by the Entrepreneurial Mobilization for Innovation (MEI), a movement that is coordinated by the CNI. Read the MEI case for innovation.