The following video discusses how scientific and technological innovation can contribute to the sustainable intensification of planted forests. Click here to download “A Better Future for Forests”. (Duration – 3 minutes).


The following video shows some of the socio-environmental benefits that FuturaGene’s yield enhanced genetically modified eucalyptus can deliver, in addition to increasing the competitiveness of planted forests. Click here to download the video (Duration – 1 minute).


View this video to see how FuturaGene´s genetically modified trees leverage the importance of planted forests for the sustainability of the planet. Click here to download the video (Duration – 2 minutes).


The following feature is a video about FuturaGene produced by “The Environmental Report”, a TV program hosted by Terry Bradshaw and broadcasted in the US through FOX Business Network, Discovery Channel and CNN Headline News and additional regional news networks. Click here to download the video (Duration – 5 minutes).