Yield protection in a changing environment

Agriculture and plantation forestry increasingly encounter natural resource scarcity, degradation of arable land and climate change, in turn leading to the emergence of new plant diseases and pest threats. All available technology options, including biotechnology, must be considered in order to confront these volatile threats. Biotechnology plays a key role in protecting yield where conventional solutions may not exist.

Our yield protection platform aims to protect the potential yield of our eucalyptus plantations by developing varieties that are resilient in the face of changing biotic (disease and pests) and abiotic (soil, water, climate) threats.

Biotic and abiotic stresses account for more than 40% of agriculture yield loss including forest plantations. New diseases and pests can emerge rapidly and spread globally within a few years.

Biotechnology traits for weed control and protection against pests have been highly significant in yield protection for over 20 years, whilst significantly reducing chemical pesticide load on the environment. FuturaGene’s efforts are focused on emerging threats, utilizing unique proprietary discoveries and through collaborations with universities, research institutes and companies in order to build a worldwide research network that is coupled with careful germplasm selection and breeding approaches.

FuturaGene applies state of the art technologies and is developing novel environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions to reduce the damage of diseases and pests.