Global presence

Our activities are centered at our corporate and R&D and commercial facilities in Rehovot, Israel, Sao Paulo and Itapetininga, Brazil, and in Shanghai and Lanzhou, China. In addition to these facilities, our company has field trial facilities in various provinces in Brazil, China and the US.

FuturaGene Israel

FuturaGene Israel serves as FuturaGene’s corporate headquarters and our innovation hub in Rehovot. This is where the Group general management, financial control, Intellectual Property and management take place. FuturaGene Israel focuses on the partnership with the Suzano Group and other global partnerships, as well as providing technology prototyping and training.

FuturaGene Brazil

Our Brazilian subsidiary focuses on partnerships with Brazilian organisations including the one with our mother company, Suzano. Our campus in Itapetininga, SP, includes laboratories, greenhouses, test facilities and clonal banks. FuturaGene Brazil also operates 10 experimental farms for field trialling. Tree improvement as well as global regulatory activities are managed by this subsidiary.

FuturaGene China

FuturaGene China holds a unique business license in China for the modification of forest species, and the import/export and sales of trees. Our fully operational R&D centre operates from Shanghai, China, and our focus is the development of new crops such as desert species, as well as eucalyptus and poplar. Our commercial yellowhorn business has been operating in Lanzhou, Gansu province, since 2016.